For mothers, lovers and others.

illunah began in a moment of everyday mum mayhem when I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Yes this life is messy but it’s also wonderful and I find myself missing moments that are yet to pass. I wanted to find a way to capture this season of us, the kids we were before the kids, the pregnancies, and the losses, to now; a couple so deep in it all our best conversations are had passing the parenting reigns in the hallway. I wanted to make homely pieces that evoke emotion, and help us to teach our children how much beauty can be found in the little things and maybe while preaching this it will remind myself too.

We’re starting small, with just two tapestries though slowly and thoughtfully we’ll be adding treasures to the virtual shelf as snapshot of this beautiful chaos we call parenthood.

Everything is designed in little old Adelaide, usually an idea formed in the shower and months and months of trial and error to bring it to life. I guess it will be a miscellaneous homeware store? Actually let’s not put a label on it, it’s a shop of shower ideas that made me rush out with conditioner in my hair and half a shaved armpit saying “WE HAVE TO MAKE THESE”. It’s a online store for mothers, for lovers and for all the others and it’s a journey I hope me on.

From my family to yours, thanks for being here.